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2-4 år

This is the category were we present our range of children's clothing 2-4 years. These clothes fit for a life full of exploration and play. Our range of children's clothes are chosen to keep pace with the children's active lifestyle. So prepare your little explorer for adventures in the snow as well as for summer excursions with  t-shirts, trousers and a flounce dress or a suit jacket. Whether your prefer solid colours, cool graphic prints or organic materials we ensure you that we’ve got the items that will have your children ready for all sorts of adventures.

When a child takes their first steps on his own, they’re starting a new chapter in life. At this stage, the child is free to roam around and explore the world. Language development takes great leaps and will lead to your child learning the names of several interesting objects, the ability to ask for things, and in most cases the realization of one's own independence as, indeed, will lead to your child developing the ability to say "NO! ". Therefore, we’ve been careful to fill the category with children's clothing 2-4 years with a variety of styles, so that you can affirm your child's personality to the fullest.

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