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4-10 år

Clothing suitable for children aged 4-10 years will be found here. Whether your child is learning to ride a bike, going to a museum or is set to play with a friend we’ve got childrens clothes that are suitable for both everyday wear and for special occasions. Our selection of clothes is loaded with the latest seasonal trends, so that you can find pieces that’s both classics, trendy and functional.

While toddlers and preschoolers need constant supervision, kids between 4-10 years are approaching school age and are gradually becoming ready for more independence. But learning how to make good choices and to exercise  self-discipline is not always easy. While children are struggling with these important tasks, parents must give praise and encouragement and provide the right conditions for a smooth everyday. To have clothing that works at all the various possible activities, occasions and celebrations can be a big help on the way in the journey heading towards to stand on its own, therefore we have brought together the best garments for children between 4-10 years for you to choose from. Trademarks Mini Rodini, Ralph Lauren, Molo and Noa Noa Miniature are some of the names that stand behind our product range, all of which represent their own distinctive styles.

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