Ej sikke lej

Rainwear Jacket + Pants Turquo

Lovely turquoise rainwear in two parts from Ej sikke lej!

The jacket has a removable hood, zipper and buttons in the front and elastic cuffs. On the inside of the collar there is a soft fleece fabric in light grey. Both sleeves has reflexes. The Ej Sikke Lej-owl is printed on the back.

The pants has green suspendors and removable elastic ribbons to attach around the shoes. The pants has elastic cuffs and waist, and reflexes around the legs. Small owls are printed all over the pants.

To the set comes a practical pocket with buttons to easely bring the jacket and pants in your bag!

Made of 62% polyester och 38% polyurethane.
  • Artikel nummer 105677_200